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Dig-It Blog: Watering and harvests!

Today was a perfect day for gardening, warm with a lovely breeze, and we were greeted by our sunflowers, which we planted from seeds - looking beautiful and full of bees!

We really missed the ECL gang, who sadly had to cancel this morning. We did however have a lovely group, we welcomed new group member Barry, and Willow, Joel and Amanda with Steve and our gang of volunteers - of course Lisa had lots of jobs for us all!

There was lots of watering to do today, as the ground was really dry. It was great to see Amanda whizzing around watering from her wheelchair. There was also beetroot, garlic, chard, purple sprouting broccoli and courgettes to harvest, and of course some weeding to do.

We saw that some of our garlic had tiny red caterpillars - allium leaf miner grubs- it was a very tricky and longwinded but Joel did a great job saving all of the cloves and bulbs he could, they’ll be dried and taken home next week.

While some of the broccoli had flowered, we learned from Lisa that the flowering sprouts and young leaves are edible so as well as some purple sprouts there were leaves and yellow flowers for cooking.

Steve brought a water butt today and Barry helped him to fix the new guttering, and pipe, so we can have some extra water to use. Rainwater is always better for watering seeds so it’s in a perfect place right next to our lovely new greenhouse.

We hope you like our photos!

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