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Dig-It Blog - Wednesday 10th August 2022

Watering planting and weeding on a hot hot day!

Amanda, Willow, Julie, Wendy, Jacquie and Steve joined Bolette on the decking for a quick drink and a chat before starting on our list of jobs. The main one in this heatwave is keeping our plants alive by giving them lots to drink - Willow emptied and refilled lots of watering cans! There was weeding to be done too, as lots of sturdy weeds were bursting into seed so we had to remove them to keep the numbers down next year.

Amanda planted more beetroot, chive, basil and dill seeds and we all saw that the seeds and onion sets planted by her and Willow only 3 weeks ago are doing fabulously well. We needed to move them from the greenhouse because the weather is getting even hotter, so Bolette showed us a shady area where they’ll avoid being frazzled by the sun.

We had three parasols up and did lots of sitting in the shade when we felt hot. As always Wendy kept us all hydrated with the tea club drinks!

Steve painted the inside of the summerhouse doors and just as he finished some surprise visitors came - Osman & Tracey were welcomed by everyone - a lovely surprise for Amanda and Willow, who proudly showed Tracey all round the plot and pointed out lots of things. Thanks for your help Osman and Tracey - come again please!

We hope you enjoy our photos - and we also hope it’s a bit cooler next week!

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