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Dig-It Club - Wednesday 17th August 2022

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Today we expected rain and storms, but they didn’t arrive while we were at Dig-It!

It was great to see the variety of seedlings which are doing really well since they were sown by Amanda and Willow a few weeks ago - we’ll be planting them soon. The gladioli, cornflower and mini lupins planted by our group as seeds are looking wonderful too (see photo).

Three large chard plants had flowered and were now covered in seeds. We’ve planted seeds, pricked them out, put the plants into beds, harvested them and enjoyed eating them, so today was a good day to complete the cycle by saving some seeds to plant.

Amanda did a fantastic job cutting stems and holding them with one hand while she pulled them off with the other - there were zillions!

Willow sat in the strawberry bed and very carefully took out all of the weeds, this will help the plants get water to build energy to make flowers and fruit next year. She was very keen to help harvest after lunch. There were tomatoes and herbs to gather (parsley, chives and mint) for Café Cornell.

Wendy helped Amanda to label envelopes and fill them with chard seeds. One to Duncan (next door plot), Julie and Willow will plant some in their garden, some saved for Dig-it and the rest to be given away. Amanda hopes that some people visiting Side by Side tonight might take some home - it’s not too late to plant them; they’re beautiful plants and very tasty too. It would be lovely to see photos of them in other people's gardens!

Lastly, a bit more veg for Café Cornell - beetroot, courgettes and a bunch of fennel. It was another lovely day - the summerhouse is looking great - Steve has done lots and other volunteers have helped too, which is great as it’s for all of us! We hope you like our photos.

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