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GrowAbility Blog: 3rd April 2024

April is the month to get busy - and we have a new project!

In our photographs you'll see some of the things we've been doing at GrowAbility these past few weeks. 

It's an exciting time of year when seeds planted earlier, when the days were shorter and cooler, are springing into life with some warmth and sunshine. It will soon be time to prick them out and put them into bigger pots or the beds outside. There's been lots of preparation to do, luckily not too much weeding, but on a sunny day with friends to chat to, even that job is fun and it's always so nice to see how much better things look.

We've started to work on getting the bottom area of the plot ready for the new wheelchair accessible pathways - Barry and Marion worked so hard to dig out a huge root to make way for it - such a great feeling when it's done and it's really taking shape. Joel is such a great worker - he laid a path to the side of the herb bed - which gives access to the whole area - we have such lovely herbs growing there it's great to grab some to pop in a sandwich or take home to cook with.

Matt has done some great seed sowing, and everything he's done is growing so well. We did a little experiment a few weeks ago - beetroot and spinach sown on the same day - some in lines outside, and the same amount in modules in the greenhouse. So far the greenhouse seedlings are growing quicker and stronger, the next step is to compare them when they're all planted out. 

Willow has been with us, as she always comes during holidays when not at college. Willow and Amanda were our first members and have learned so much - they worked so well together this week with Julie, in the summerhouse, planting lots and lots of flower seeds. 

Our GrowAbility Group has a new project - we hope to have lots of herbs, vegetables and flowers to sell at a stall at Katherine Semar school on 19th May. The stall will be selling a variety of things made by members of GWOF and our fabulous supporter and knitter extrodinaire Eileen. Lisa (that's the lady in the pot for those who don't know her- see photo!) was bursting with ideas of how to present our plants to sell and so we've already started with Willow and Amanda's flowers and of course there are things we have already planted which aren't needed on the plot which will be great to sell.

Steve and Lisa found some enormous pots at the tip the other day - big enough to plant a human - Lisa said it was easier to get in than out - (so don't try this at home!)

As always there is always so much more to say - the allotment is such a happy place, Amanda, Joel, Matt, Willow, Barry, Marion, Steve, Jacquie, Julie, Steve, Wendy and Lisa would love to have some new members - if you'd like a taster session why not have a chat to Steve, Julie or Jacquie? 

We hope you like our photos!

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