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Creating Rainbows - my school Prom

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Hi, I am Willow. Here is a bit about me and my Prom.

I left mainstream school at 12 years old, and started at Granta special needs school at 13

years old. I met my friend Grace there. I liked doing cooking and learning how to pour hot

drinks safely and playing in the playground.

There were bikes, dizzy cars and scooters to play races with my friends. We had school discos which were loud but fun.

Our prom was different because of lockdown. We had to go individually. It was a drive-

through but I got out to dance. I still wore my make-up and a nice dress. I had fizzy apple

juice and a leavers goody bag. I got upset because it was sad I was leaving my teachers and

friends. I didn’t see my friends that day but the teachers said maybe in 2021 we could be

invited back for a proper prom. I really hope so.


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