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Dig-It Club - Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Summer solstice yesterday and today was a scorcher! A smaller group today, we had Laura with Kenda from the Arc and Bolette, Steve, Wendy Jacquie and Amanda.

Amanda pricked out lots of seedlings from trays and re-potted them, and filled a planter or two with flowers while Laura worked with Bolette and did lots (and lots!) of watering.

We put up our shade and had a welcome cuppa at half time. Amanda is now taking some of our harvest to café Cornell. Today there was beetroot, some gorgeous lettuce, and loads of mint and parsley.

The courgettes we planted as seed are growing really well and will soon be big enough to pick.

Steve finished his fabulous bean structure which will be a permanent feature - you can see that he looks very proud (and maybe also relieved that the job is done!) well done Steve! Wethen planted two rows of beans to finish the job nicely.

The pots painted by Amanda are dry and ready for planting up. Duncan-next-door gave us a herb called summer savoury, which you’ll see planted in one of Amanda’s lovely pots.

Andy was soon back to take Laura home … we enjoyed chatting for a while before leaving with lots of ideas and excitement about things to come.

We hope you like our photos from today.

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