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GrowAbility Blog - 14th February 2024

Preparing for planting season at Dig-It Allotment

We are so excited about the coming season - we have plans not only to grow food but also to grow our club! Our new name - GrowAbility - is all about knowing that we all have the ability to work and learn together, finding things that we can do as part of our grow-your-own gang! Being in the fresh air, with friends, sharing a cuppa and chatting is as much a part of what we do at GrowAbility as the fruit and vegetables we plant and care for. 

Steve, Lisa, and the GrowAbility group have been on the plot during the last few weeks, preparing the beds for planting and even sowing some seeds in our wheelchair accessible greenhouse. Wednesday was Valentine's day this week - Lisa was harvesting some of our carrots - just look at those two carrots having a hug 

Watch this space for more news - if you are an adult who has a learning disability, and are interested in joining us on Wednesdays, please drop us a message and we can organise a taster session to see if you like it! 

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