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GrowAbility Blog: 28th February 2024

Spring is just around the corner!

It’s a busy time of year at the plot. Spring is just around the corner and so we need to be looking at what seeds to plant now and what we need to get for summer.

Today we welcomed Matthew back to the plot and after a welcome and a cup of coffee with everyone he was keen to get stuck in with planting some seeds. Matthew spent a few hours in the greenhouse with Tina and Lisa planting the chilli and sweet pepper seeds. It’s a bit cold at the moment but they managed to create a lovely warm environment for the seed trays and we’re keeping everything crossed for some seedlings within the next few weeks.

The rest of the gang, Joel, Steve, Barry, Marion & Jacquie spent a busy morning doing other jobs. First came tidying up compost area. We’re starting to develop real skills here and the compost we’re making is rich, dark and crumbly just how it should be.

There is nothing like a juicy strawberry straight from the plant in summer and so this is the time of year to make sure the strawberry plants are all fit and well. The planter Steve built last year is perfect, but needed some topping up with compost and a fresh covering of straw mulch. We replaced some old plants with new ones we propagated too. It’s looking great and we can’t wait to see the flowers that appear showing how many strawberries we’re going to have this year.

Talking of summer we’re hoping to have some trips to GrowAbility when the weather warms up so Mencap members can see what it’s all about. To top it off well we‘ll have a picnic lunch or tea together, maybe with some of those strawberries too- watch this space for more information.

If you’d like to come and visit us to see our new GrowAbility club on a Wednesday morning just speak to Steve or Jacquie.

Lisa found a beautiful thing - can you guess what it is she’s holding in this photo?

We hope you like the rest of our photos.

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