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GrowAbility Blog - 6th March 2024

At last a sunny day!

Spring has definitely sprung this week - to our amazement the chilli seeds planted by our latest GrowAbility visitor Matthew last week have already germinated and so we saw some healthy looking chilli seedlings under their bubble wrap blanket- so exciting and a really good start to our growing season.

Steve and Tina did a really important job today which is cleaning lots of old plastic labels - we always reuse and recycle everything we can at GrowAbility.

Something which took planning, care and teamwork was moving a big and heavy compost structure from the bottom of our plot all the way to the top. It was very big, and Lisa, Marion, Joel and Barry worked so hard doing this.. with others helping to guide a safe route -we think it looks great in its new place and it gives us more space for growing too.

Matthew planted Brussels sprout seeds today, these were watered and put into our lovely greenhouse.

There was compost to move to the greenhouse and those who wanted to, helped. Julie made a great job of clearing the area where the compost bin had stood.

At the end of the session it was warm enough for an outdoor picnic on the decking. We really did have a lovely, busy, day.

We’re ready to welcome new members - if you’re a Mencap member and would like to come along for a taster session contact Jacquie or Steve or send a message via our Facebook, Instagram or Website pages.

We hope you like our photos.

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