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GrowAbility: Rain, planting seeds and designing our new logo.

Today was a day for inside jobs - despite the wind and rain outside we had a lovely time today - as always Lisa had lots of ideas for things to do. Willow, Julie and Steve were able to work together in the summerhouse planting lots of cauliflower and red onion seeds in modules. These were later moved to the greenhouse for warmth and light. 

Because our lovely greenhouse is so big, Jacquie, Joel, Lisa, Marion and Barry were all able to work together there, staying out of the rain. Sadly we had to compost all of our beautiful lemongrass plants, the weather was just too cold even under glass for these exotic plants to survive. But we will not give up - another growing year is beginning and that means another opportunity to succeed.

Other things are doing so well, we have lots of young flowering plants in the greenhouse, and oriental salads and giant mustard leaves growing well in there too. We like picking a few leaves from them to add to our lunch. In the beds there are leeks, herbs, sorrell, (not nice eaten raw - ask Jacquie and Lisa eeeeeuw!) and the fruit bushes are starting to bud.

It's such an exciting time of year when we are planning what to plant.  Marion and Barry decided to plant tomato seeds and Joel planted lobelia and cosmos seeds (pretty flowers!) using the methods taught to Dig-It by Anna at her flower farm last year.

Steve and Jacquie had been working on logo designs recently and today was the day when the group looked at all of the different ones, and chose what they liked or didn't like about each. What resulted was, we think, a really great logo - thanks to everyone for their suggestions in choosing elements from several to make a new design altogether - a special shout out to Willow, who was a huge fan of the happy looking beetroot, and insisted it should go on. You were right Willow - we think it's great! 

We hope you like our photos and our new GrowAbility logo!

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