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Richard's Fabulous Foil Art

Last Christmas Richard received an Art Foil as a gift. Six months later, after hours of work with his ‘scraper’, ‘The Mermaid and The Turtle’ was complete. What a work of art!

Richard is justifiably proud of his work! He admits that it required ‘a lot of patience’.

Richard says he has to be ‘in the mood’ to spend time on the Foils as they need really good concentration to get them right. He says that to keep focused, he spends 10 minutes ‘scraping’ then he has a cup of tea, then back to it…maybe to a different area.

Each Art Foil costs around £5 and there are many different themes and designs. You can buy them at Colorcraft in Saffron Walden!! Richard says he will probably hang his completed Art Foil on his living room wall.

Next up…..Art Foil Apes!!

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