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Autumn is here - planning for Christmas!

We had a windy day at Dig-It club on Wednesday! The Arc weren’t able to come, but we had the rest of our team and volunteers to do some very important jobs. Dig-it were given some lovely seed potatoes to plant for Christmas- but where to plant them when we have so much growing already? It was decided we’d given the purple sprouting broccoli enough time and we weren’t likely to get any more sprouts. We’re learning together how nurturing seedlings, building protection, feeding and watering, doesn’t always mean a good crop!

Marion, Barry and Joel spent most of the session removing everything and preparing the bed for the spuds- which we hope will be ready for Christmas.

Wendy and Amanda potted up the lemongrass seedlings which Alex sowed several weeks ago. They were put into very smart matching pots as we hope to sell them to raise funds for Dig-It. We think they look great, a very professional job.

Lastly a bit of protection with mesh for the pots of leeks and brassicas. We hope this will protect them from insects and birds. Despite the wind it was warm enough to sit outside for lunch, tea and biscuits. Thank you Lisa for a fun and productive session! We hope you like our photographs.

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