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Dig-It Blog - 11th August 2021

Today we were so happy to see that some compost had arrived for our MENCAP Dig-it raised bed. Willow and Amanda helped Steve & Emma to weed the bed and area and the new compost was then poured in ready for us to plant some things soon!

There was some bad news today when we discovered that a whole bed of outdoor tomatoes had a nasty disease called ‘blight’. Everything had to be dug up, chopped up and bagged ready to be taken off site. We did try to save as many perfect green tomatoes as we could and these were put into the poly-tunnel to ripen. We all looked at the blight - nasty stuff - making the stems and fruit rotten.

Willow did her watering jobs around the site - and we had a lovely tea and lunch break too, chatting in the sunshine. The plot really is starting to look nicer now, with the newly painted deck and the weeding and clearing our group, and others, have done.

Today’s take-away vegetables were courgettes and cucumbers. The courgettes are enjoying the wet and sunny weather and last weeks babies are this weeks monsters!

We hope you like the photos -Amanda & Willow ‘before’ working on the raised bed and Willow with her vegetables!

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