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Dig-it Blog - Wednesday 3rd August 2022

We are now starting our second year at Dig-It; time has really flown and each and every one of us has learned so much about growing food and how much fun it is to be working and socialising on our lovely community allotment.

Today was a really busy day at the plot - Justin came on Andy’s bus with Clare, Alex, Laura, and Matthew and it’s fantastic to have Julie, Willow and Amie back with Amanda and Wendy of course - luckily Bolette had lots of jobs for us!

Today Steve was doing some finishing work on the new summerhouse, which is so great to have, and Mathew helped by varnishing the base. He did a really good job.

We did watering, weeding, tidying, and planting seeds into trays and some of the beds which we cleared first. We looked to see what we can plant in Autumn - loads! So we got on with beetroot, radish, chard, kale, and fennel to give us some more lovely veg when the summer glut is over.

Only two weeks ago Amanda and Willow planted spinach, broccoli and lettuce seeds and this week some were pricked out as they’re strong enough to be moved to separate modules.

The ARC gang took some lovely courgettes back for shop and cook tomorrow and Cafe Cornell will be given theirs with some beetroot too. Almost everyone went away with a lovely cucumber!

It was a really busy day and perfect weather for gardening. We had a surprise visitor too - see if you can spot him with his watering can!

We hope you enjoy our photos of today and past weeks in July.

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