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Dig it blog - Happy 2nd birthday to us!

We almost can’t believe it but it’s now two years since our Mencap Dig-It club met for the first time. Steve and Wendy brought a lovely cake to celebrate - which we managed to devour despite no ECL today due to staffing issues (we miss you all - hoping to see you next week).

We were busy today - planting and harvesting, tidying the plot and finding Gary the scarecrow a place to live!

Amanda and Willow worked on tidying the raised bed. First they saved seeds from the Pak Choi and oriental salad which had gone to seed. Then they had fun pulling out the old plants and weeds before putting in some clumps of young lettuce. It’s looking lovely now! After a break for tea and cake they helped Julie and Wendy to pop out the seeds they’d saved, and planted them.

Joel helped Lisa and Marion to harvest a few rows of potatoes- what a fabulous haul! There was weeding and watering to do to - they did a great job. Meanwhile Barry helped Steve with some jobs- before picking a nice spot for Gary the scarecrow!

Today there were onions, potatoes, cauliflower herbs beetroot and courgettes harvested - everyone got to choose some fabulous home grown vegetables to take home.

We hope you like our photos!

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