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Dig-it blog - Sunny September!

What a few weeks we’ve had since our last blog! Everything is growing so well - we have lots of produce for our hard working members and volunteers to share. We’ve also had visits from our Chair Patrick Draper and yesterday Trustees Pat and Jane Bailey came to see us all and to meet Lisa. They were able to spend some time looking around the plot, chatting to our members, and were very impressed with how much the allotment has changed since they last visited. Lisa and Duncan (our plot neighbour) made sure they didn’t go home empty handed and I understand Pat got crumble for tea!

The late summer sunshine has given our fruit and vegetables a boost so watering and harvesting keeps us busy. But there are always more seeds to sow, seedlings to prick out and transplant, and seeds to collect too!

Alex and Amanda have both had birthdays in the last few weeks - so we’ve sung happy birthday and shared cakes after our picnic lunches. We have so much fun on the plot so it’s nice to sit and chat for a while before the session ends. We hope you like our photos.

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