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Dig-It Blog - Wednesday 14th September 2022

We all got some Walden Gold today!

Today Alex, Claire, Laura and Mathew arrived in Andy’s bus with Bob, and joined the rest of us at the summerhouse decking.

A quick chat about what needed to be done today and the group split into three.

Amanda, Laura and Mathew joined Wendy and Julie at the table. They planted some Pak Choi and Tsoi Sim seeds into modules, which will go into the greenhouse once the tomatoes and courgettes are finished. Matt stripped some tiny French Parsley seeds from a dried plant, and then planted them, and the group also planted some flower seeds. There was a rather poorly looking sage plant to repot, the poorly leaves were stripped away, and it was planted into a bigger pot which had been painted by Amanda a few months ago. It looks lovely!

The dried branching sunflower seeds from last week were put into envelopes ready to give away… at least 20 packets done!

Alex and Claire joined Bolette, Jacquie and Marian - we toured the plot first - so much to see. The runner beans are now producing lots on the frame Steve built. After, there were onion sets to plant and the bed needed to be weeded, dug, and raked before the onions could be planted.

Steve and Bob were working on the summerhouse- a trench needed to be dug to place the rodent proof mesh. It was hot work! Jacquie and Mathew used some of the surplus soil to plant some Christmas Potatoes into two sacks. Mathew helped to carry them to the poly tunnel and gave them a good water. Meanwhile, Steve did some repair work on the leek tunnel to keep the nasty leaf miners away.

Claire got given some ladybirds from Duncan who was weeding the plants they were living on - she very gently carried them to put on the spinach and the courgettes - they got straight to work!

We all worked for two hours before stopping for lunch, tea and biscuits and as it is an extra special day (Amanda will be 28 tomorrow) Wendy brought Amanda’s favourite cupcakes and everyone sang ‘happy birthday’ before tucking in!

Courgettes, apples, runner beans and lots of mint and chives went to Café Cornell and the ARC took home spinach, French green beans and chives to go with their sausage casserole tomorrow. Some also took courgettes and chard for home cooking.

Still wondering “what is Walden Gold?” - it’s lovely honey from Duncan’s bees. The bees have enjoyed the flowers on our plot, which helped them to make honey, and Duncan gave a lovely pot each to Alex, Amanda, Laura, Mathew, Claire and one for Julie to take back for Willow - so kind of him!

A busy day, lovely weather, and lots of yummy, healthy goodies to eat - we hope you enjoy our photos!

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