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Dig-It ‘Plot to Plate’ blog 2nd and 4th November - 'Sunshine and Progress'

We have been very lucky with the weather; two lovely sunny days last week - although it was a bit chilly!

The Mencap and Cafe Cornell teams have been very busy - we now have a lovely herb garden taking shape, the poly tunnel has been emptied, tidied and organised after the storm and there is now a lovely big bed behind the summerhouse where it used to be cluttered and unusable. Bulbs of Fennel, spinach, and lovely sweet lettuce was taken back to the Cafe Cornell this week. We’ve planted garlic and tulip bulbs, made friends with worms and bees and of course we always make time for a hot drink and a biscuit.

We hope you like our photos - including the ‘before and after’ of the work done on the new bed.

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