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Dig-It Club - Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Wet Wednesday!

It was damp and miserable on the plot today - but that was just the weather, we were very happy to be there!

Today we met our new sessional worker, Bollette (pronounced Boll- Etta) - she had the summerhouse ready for us as it was quite rainy. The Hub (ARC) couldn’t join us, so Amanda had lots of planting to do! Bollette had some pepper seeds and so we made some more DIY seed modules. We re-used some compost from pots and trays that hadn’t taken, and after Amanda broke it all up with her hands it was perfect to use again. The pepper seeds were quite small and Amanda filled a whole tray, the little pots were then covered with vermiculite and watered before they were placed into the greenhouse.

We saw that the cress seeds planted two weeks ago were starting to sprout - maybe soon there’ll be some to take for salads or sandwiches!

We had a few hot drinks today (it was quite chilly!) and we talked lots about what to plant in the coming weeks; we like Bollettes idea of having flowers amongst the vegetables to bring friendly insects and bees to the beds.

We hope you like our photos!

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