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GrowAbility Blog: Wednesday 13th March 2024

Sunshine, preparing, and a GrowAbility experiment.

We were greeted by lovely sunshine and a cuppa from Lisa when we all gathered at 10 o’clock for the 6th GrowAbility session of the year. We missed our lovely team members Wendy and Barry today - we hope you can both join us soon!

We were so impressed by the fabulous metal seed labels made by local firm LPA which they designed and donated to Dig It Community Allotment.

Amanda joined us today - she was so happy to get back into seed planting mode with Julie in the summerhouse. Lettuce spinach and beetroot into modules, which all being well, we can harvest in 6-8 weeks.

Joel and Marion did some great work turning over beds and preparing them for planting, while Lisa and Steve looked at new planters and plans for our wheelchair accessible footpath, and made sure to keep us busy!

Jacquie and Matthew prepared a bed for seeds, raking the soil once the weeds and plants were pulled or dug out. They planted the same beetroot and spinach seeds as Amanda’s in the greenhouse. We wonder which will grow quicker? Bigger? Ready for harvest first? Watch this space for the answers to our experiment.

Spending time outdoors is so good for our mental health - all of us agreed that whatever our mood is when we arrive at our GrowAbility session, we always leave happier! We’d love to see more members on the plot, do ask Steve, Jacquie, or Julie if you think you’d like to come to look around.

We hope you like our photos!

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