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Mencap Dig-It Blog - 25th August

Emma wasn’t here today, but we were still able to run our Dig-it club and find lots to do - we missed her!

Today we got straight into planting when we arrived as Duncan (from the next plot) had given us lots of baby beetroot plants and showed us how to plant them. We all used a short, fat cane to ‘dib’ holes, carefully dropped a seedling into the hole and gently firmed up the soil. Aimée and Willow made a two lines of beetroot in a bed which our group cleared two weeks ago (remember that tomato blight?). Amanda planted lots very neatly and carefully in our lovely raised bed in the gaps between rows of seeds. We noticed that some of the seeds are growing already!

Amy and Willow spent some time looking through the seed packets and organising them after we’d watered. A very useful job which made it SO easy for Steve to find some mint seeds to plant in a big pot.

Before lunch, we walked around the whole site seeing what was growing, and picked some things for Aimée, Willow and Amanda to take home. Duncan brought some lovely fat beetroot too to add to the veggie take-away and showed us how to twist off the leaves.

Last, but not least was lunch, a cuppa and chatting with friends in the sunshine - so lovely! We hope you like the photos from today.

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