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Peas, herbs and seeds at Dig-It Club - 12th April 2023

Wow it was SO windy today - but everyone turned up wrapped up warmly and ready for a busy day on the plot.

Today, Claire, Osi and Alex worked on preparing a bed for peas and onions. Julie led the group who replenished the old soil with fresh compost, mixing it together before raking it flat. They then put a line down the centre of the bed and planted our lovely pea seedlings on both sides. It’s looking great! In the middle of doing this the wind became really strong which called for all hands on deck giving Steve some help constructing the fruit cage.

Amanda, Laura, Alex and Willow enjoyed sitting in the sunshine with the windbreak up. We pricked out dill, parsley and coriander seedlings and planted them into small pots, we hope these will fill the gaps in our herb garden, where we already have chives, oregano, sorrel, mints, winter savoury, rosemary and thyme.

There were then pumpkin, giant pumpkin, yellow and green courgettes, butternut and acorn squash and sweetcorn seeds to plant (Willow was very happy to be planting sweetcorn!). We managed the job without any blowing away (well maybe one or two).

It’s such a busy time of year on the plot - we try to make sure we don’t forget to plant the right seeds at the right time, and then to ‘get them out’ once they’re strong enough to withstand the occasional frosty morning. It’s not just the plants that are growing but we are too - learning new skills, and helping each other, - well done team!

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos.

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