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Planting happiness - Dig it blog 3rd May 2023

Today our Wednesday group got to choose between planting flowers and beans at the table or carrot and beetroot seeds, and pea plants, directly into the soil. There was also digging and weeding and more work on the fruit cage to get in with.

We were able to share the knowledge gained at @annasflowerfarm to plant a variety of pots of flower seeds. Amanda and Laura helped to fill pots loosely with soil, and a layer of vermiculite, before sprinkling seeds and another layer of vermiculite on top. Some herb seeds were planted too. They were watered from underneath in trays and then placed into the polytunnel- we’re looking forward to seeing how they turn out and hopefully we’ll have lots of flowers for the bees and butterflies.

Alex wanted to plant runner beans and so he filled lots of modules with compost and carefully put a dried bean in each. He then got a watering can and watered them and anything that looked thirsty around the plot. He does enjoy that bit!

Matt, Joel and Claire helped to plant more rows of young pea plants after weeding the bed. They then planted beetroot and carrots around the edge of the peas. We can do this now the soil is warming up and the days are longer.

Osi loves digging and gave lots of help around the plot - there is always digging to do!

We were lucky to enjoy lunch in the sunshine together before it was time to go home. Matt took some spinach home to put in his smoothies - very healthy, well done Matt!

We hope you enjoy our photos.

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