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Sew, Grow, Plant and sell - our GrowAbility project to raise funds!

Last Sunday, our GrowAbility ‘grow to fundraise’ project saw Julie, Willow and Jacquie taking a fantastic array of plants to Katherine Semar School garage sale. We joined Di from GWOF, and Eileen, who both brought lots of lovely stuff too. Alex, Claire and Amanda all visited the stall and were very happy to see photos of themselves planting and nurturing the plants. We raised £147 on the stall - thanks to @digitcommunity allotment for supporting our venture. All of our plants are grown from seed and it felt like such an achievement to see people buying them to grow in their gardens!

Wednesday was damp and wet but we still managed to spend a few happy hours netting the strawberries (birds love them!) Amanda harvested lots of lovely spinach and planted out lots of delicious lettuce while Barry weeded the potatoes - it was a really fun day!

Wendy hope you like our photos!

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