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Mencap Dig-It Blog - 12th October 2021

It’s a few weeks since our last Dig-it blog. We’ve been planting, growing, weeding and harvesting vegetables with great success. Aimée and Willow have restarted college, but the beetroot they planted is now bulbing up. Likewise Amanda’s plantings of beetroot, coriander, french parsley and spinach have been super successful. Agnes is now a regular visitor and the pea seeds she planted a few weeks ago are already seedlings full of promise. Today Amanda planted some more seeds in little pots sitting on the decking that she painted with her Dad.

It’s a happy, friendly place to spend a few hours on a Wednesday - Steve and Wendy always ready with a cuppa and a custard cream, Emma full of ideas to keep us occupied, and we have other visitors too - today Maxine and sometimes one of the Patrick’s will pop in to help and join us for a chat. Most of all - our members have been absolutely brilliant - we all learn from each other.

If you would like to join us for a FREE trial session, contact Steve 07596 023307 or Patrick 07974 306917.

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