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Dig-It Blog and now we are 7!

We have had three lovely sessions since our last blog - and some fabulous news is that Claire and Mathew have joined the Dig-It gang, meaning up to 7 members are regularly joining Bollette and our Saffron Walden Mencap leaders and volunteers on the plot. We’ve been weeding, planting, pricking out, watering and so much more! This week Amanda carefully pricked out some of the sunflower seedlings we planted a few weeks ago, and everyone got to plant one in a pot to take back to the ARC for a, “Who can grow the tallest?” challenge. Various kale, tomato, and turnip seeds were planted and three lettuce plants and some parsley went to the ARC for “shop and cook” the next day. We hope you like the photos selected from the past few weeks.

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