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Dig-It Blog April 19th - Fruit (and) Salad

Today we welcomed Matthew back along with our regular group from ECL - and Amanda of course!

There were lots of fruit bushes to plant today - Bolette helped the group to decide where to plant gooseberries, blackberries and currants in rows in the new fruit cage area. Meanwhile, Amanda and Matthew planted clumps and single plants of salad leaves in the large raised bed.

We had a surprise visitor when Patrick popped in to spend some time with us, and Laura - who runs Dig-It - came too with lots of useful equipment including some hand m tools for gardener’s who find using traditional tools difficult - thank you Laura, Amanda was very happy to try them out.

After a short lunch break we got on with weeding and watering and harvesting spinach for taking home on the bus to cook at home.

We hope you enjoy seeing our photos!

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