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Dig-it Blog early to mid May 2022

We’ve had a few hot days and one rainy day so far in May. It’s been great to see how the things we’ve planted as seeds have grown so beautifully. Even on our one rainy day we managed a bit of indoor ‘pricking out’ and repotting.

We’ve watered, weeded, (lots!) and planted out some sunflower seedlings, tidied the strawberry planter, and harvested cabbage, lettuce, herbs and chard - lots of green healthy stuff grown by us and the other volunteers! Bolette has kept us busy and Steve and Wendy have kept us happy with tea and biccies.

One surprise on our hot Wednesday last week, was Duncan from the plot next door brought along lots of cold cans of drink to share.

I think you’ll agree from the photographs that our Dig-It team are looking really at home with the tools and jobs. We’re very much looking forward to seeing how the produce has grown in just one week - we hope you enjoy our photos!

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