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Dig-It Blog - Wednesday 7th September 2022

We have runner beans (and lots of other stuff!)

It was great to welcome our leader Bolette back from her holiday today - and a relief that she was VERY happy with the progress we’ve made while she was away.

Today we got lots of ‘iceberg’ lettuce seedlings from Duncan, so we cleared the bed where we’d started planting lettuce last week. We found some little seedlings which we thought might have come from falling chicory seeds and so we put them into rows too. Then there was more ‘salad bowl’ lettuce to plant until the bed was full - Alex and Claire are getting so good now at planting! Well done to Amanda and Willow too for planting the ‘salad bowl’ seeds, the plants look lovely.

At the activity table Amanda, Laura and Mathew did lots of really useful stuff. Bolette explained how to prepare Lavender cuttings and plant them - there were lots of pots done and they smell lovely already. Mathew took the seeds from a different type of sunflower, and put last weeks ‘Titan’ into envelopes. We’ll keep some for the plot next year, and give some away too. The table gang, led by Wendy, also pricked out and potted on dill seedlings taken from the seeds Amanda planted a few weeks ago.

Bolette gave us so many other things to do; the planting and weeding group helped by Julie and Jacquie and Justin. Steve was digging round the new summer house, and Wendy as always making sure we all had tea and biscuits when we needed them.

Courgette plant thinning and harvesting was another job today. The best news is that at last our runner beans, planted as seeds by our group, are healthy enough to give us lots of beans. Justin helped Claire, Julie and Alex to spot and pick the big ones. The ARC are doing a roast at ‘shop and cook’ club tomorrow (so that’s where the beans went!) and beetroot and courgettes off to Café Cornell.

We had a wonderful day, lunch at the plot is simply a lovely picnic with friends, and although it was sunny we’re already planning leek and potato soup for winter days - yum!

We hope you like our photos - see how fantastic Steve’s watering can rack is - we love it!

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