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Dig-It Club - Wednesday 15th June

What a busy time of year it is on the plot! There’s watering, pricking and planting out, weeding, and harvesting! We’re all learning lots with Bolette and every week Steve does a bit more construction on the metal beam frame - almost done, soon we’ll just need some bean plants!

We’ve harvested beautiful lettuce, onions (Amanda pulled up the beauties she planted a few months back!) herbs, beetroot, and some lovely juicy strawberries.

The summerhouse is down, soon to be replaced by the new one (thanks to Steve, Wendy and Amanda) - we can’t wait to see it!

This past week as the ARC couldn’t come and it was very hot, we put up a shade and Amanda got on with spray painting some terracotta pots, to help with brightening up the plot - we think you’ll agree they look great!

We hope you like our photos from the past few weeks.

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