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Dig-It Club - Wednesday 23rd February 2022

Today we had a lovely surprise when Alex came on Andy’s minibus with the others from the ARC - Steve and Jacquie were also joined by Dianne, Amanda, Karl, Scott and Laura. We saw that the storm had rearranged a few things on the plot and removed a few others! Steve and Andy rescued a really heavy planter that had fallen over and then Karl helped Steve to repair the structure over the strawberry bed, this took a while but they did a really good job! We mixed some compost with vermiculite for our seeds, and used it to fill some of our home made seed planters. We planted sweet peas because Laura told us her mum loves flowers (and everyone would love to grow them to take some home!). We also planted beetroot and lots of lettuce too. We saw that seeds look really different- sweet peas were the biggest, like little balls, beetroot seeds lumpy and crusty looking, then the lettuce seeds so very tiny! Last week's cress hasn’t germinated yet, but we hope to see them spring to life soon. We put everything we’d planted into the greenhouse after watering very carefully. The onions planted by Amanda last year in our raised bed needed thinning, so Karl and Scott helped Steve to do this. Steve had told us that the onions need space to grow. We hope to plant some more onion seeds next week. Did you know seeds need correct temperature and water to ‘come to life’ - we call this germination. The seed cracks open, start to root, and then up grows the stalk, often with the seed on top! In the part of England where we live the weeks ahead become very busy for us gardeners as the weather gets warmer! We hope you enjoy the photographs,

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