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GrowAbility: Here Comes Summer!

This week was all about preparing for the warmer weather - okay it should already be with us, but we’re hoping the sun will shine soon!

Willow and Amanda pricked out and potted on some parsley and celery, which was planted from seed several weeks ago. Things grow quickly at this time of year but it’s best to move them on to bigger pots so they are stronger when they are planted into the beds- especially as there are lots of slugs and snails about! Our two ladies are real pro’s at doing this now! Lisa and the gang also made space in the greenhouse for our big tomato plants - look how tall they are!

The cauliflowers were ready to go outside, so Joel did a great job inside the mesh tunnel planting them between our spinach and beetroot. The plants grow quite tall - so it’s the perfect place for them, and the mesh should stop everything from flea beetles to pigeons from stealing our crops!

Harvesting today was more delicious spinach from the raised bed. Amanda picked lots of it. It was taken home to be cooked - how great to grow something so delicious from seed, to eat on the day we harvest it. Did you know we use no chemicals on our crops? We hope you enjoy our photos!

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