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Sunshine, a beach wind break, toilet rolls and tea welcomed our new Dig-it club members!

9th February 2022 We were never expecting to be back so soon, but on Wednesday Andy’s minibus dropped off Fran from the ARC with Laura, Karl and Scott to join Amanda, Steve and Jacquie on our plot. We started bright and early and after a quick chat and putting packed lunches in the summerhouse, Steve took us all on a tour of the area. He pointed out all of the things are already growing for our spring and summer harvest - chard, lots of lettuce, onions, artichokes, and even a bed full of tulips.

We saw that the raised bed, planted up by our green-fingered Amanda, is doing extremely well with some beautiful onions, coriander and parsley flourishing. Something is eating the spinach and we’ll soon be learning how to find out what - and how we can try to save it (in a nature friendly way of course!) Steve showed us lots of seedlings and cabbage in the greenhouse - and we were even introduced to the allotment loo! The tour ended at 11, when we all sat down in the decking area behind the stripy wind-break for a cuppa and a biscuit. We had a lovely chat together soon joined by Patrick Draper, who came along to help and to say welcome to our new group. Amanda had already started helping to make some seed planters from our big stash of toilet roll tubes, we’re going to use these to plant seeds which, when ready, can be put out still in the roll which will fall apart and become part of the soil as the plant grows- very eco-friendly and cheap! Our photo this week is of Scott who is showing how they’re made. Karl dug up our last row of beetroot which we planted at the end of August (By Willow & Amie). The ARC took these away to cook at the centre. Patrick helped Scott and Laura to make more seed pots before Laura, Scott and Karl ate their lunches in the summerhouse and then returned with Fran on the bus when Andy arrived for them. Beetroot is such a healthy vegetable - but did you know that the leaves and stalks of young beetroot can be used raw in salads or cooked just like spinach? We’ll be growing lots this year! Dig it is such a happy, healthy place to be, see you next week!

If you would like to join us, please contact Steve Lee 07596 023307

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