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Dig-It blog 1st March 2023 - Alliums day!

It’s the first of March and despite the sun shining today it was a bit chilly - but our Cafe Cornell group arrived wearing lots of layers and after donning gloves and wellies, were ready for action!

The first thing we did was rescue lots of garlic cloves which had started to sprout, putting aside some that were past their best we were left with lots of healthy cloves with shoots.

Bolette showed the group how to break up the top layer of compost making a fine base for planting amongst our lovely American Land Cress, raised from seed by our groups last year. We then made holes with our trowels or fingers and popped the cloves in before firming and watering. Kneelers helped protect the knees and of course gardening gloves are a must! After planting came watering and fixing the mesh tunnel.

Marion and Steve had more fixing to do on the raised bed - it had collapsed recently, this involved lots of planning, power tools, and hard graft - so within a few hours, and with some help from the group to refill, it looked as good as new.

Lastly, an inside task in the summerhouse- we had lots of seed onions to plant. These are best started in modules at this time of year so they get to grow strong roots and stalks which will stop the allotment birds and squirrels from pulling them out. Julie made sure we all did ‘roots down, pointy bit up’ and they were soon ready for watering and putting in the polytunnel.

They day went so quickly and everyone worked so hard - there was just time for a quick cuppa and a biscuit before the group left taking some lovely young leeks and herb fennel back for their tasting session - they’ll be starting on Tuesdays from next week with Lisa and the new Tuesday Dig-It team.

Mencap club continues on Wednesdays and we look forward to seeing some old and new faces from next week. Thanks to our Trustee and GWOF lead Cath Read for dropping by for a tour and a chat - it’s great to have such committed and supportive people at Dig it & Saffron Walden Mencap. We hope you like our photos.

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