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Dig-It Blog - 27th July 2023

The sun was shining (oh yes it was!)

We were so lucky this week to have a beautiful sunny day amongst all of the damp grey days.

We had a busy morning and the time just flew by. Clare and Willow did a fabulous job weeding the sweetcorn bed with Justin - they’re so skilled now at removing the weeds with the roots attached. We think the new signs we got from ECL look great! Amanda, Alex and Laura planted some seeds saved from our American Land Cress plants as well as some other leafy greens like spinach. The saved salad and Pak Choi seeds the group harvested and planted last week are already appearing in their trays.

Clare and Justin went on to pull out lots of lettuce at the bottom of the plot - the leaves go very bitter at this stage so not nice to eat - unless you’re a chicken! Dee was very happy to take lots of them away to feed hers.

Gary helped Marion to clear, refill, and prepare a new bed, and there was weeding and watering to do. Molly enjoyed walking around with a watering can, and smelling all the different plants and herbs.

Alex and Willow sat in the shade for a while & helped Lisa to save some seeds from a beautiful pink frilly poppy plant.

Harvesting right now - cauliflowers, courgettes, cabbages, herbs, beetroot, chard and the tomatoes are ripening too. Everyone who wanted to got to take something home to cook and enjoy.

We hope you like our photos!

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