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Dig-It blog - seeds - seedlings and preparing the plot!


March has been a busy month on the plot - despite the rain we have been able to do lots of work indoors in the summer house and we have had some sunshine too.

The wheelchair friendly pathway now reaches the lovely pear tree circle and across the plot, giving access and a safer route to several other beds.

The greenhouse and polytunnel are packed with seedlings as our groups continue to plant and nurture our food crops. There has been some harvesting of vegetables which grow over winter, such as American Land Cress, Spinach, and leeks.

The bulb bed we planted last year is looking lovely and after some of our staff and volunteers spent a gorgeous day at Anna’s flower farm we hope that our newfound knowledge we’re sharing about raising edible flowers will have the plot looking very colourful and buzzing with wildlife by summer.

We’ve welcomed new member Joel to our Wednesday session, and Amanda has been very busy, most recently giving some strawberry plants a new lease of life in preparation for the accessible raised strawberry bed Steve will be working on soon (he’s currently constructing a fruit cage!).

@Cafe Cornell now attend on Tuesdays and Fridays - ECL (‘the ARC’) will be back from Wednesday too so we have three busy days where our Mencap community are helping to grow - from plot to plate - at the wonderful @Dig-It allotment.

We hope you enjoy our photos.

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