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Dig it Blog - Summer is Back!

We had a busy day on Wednesday - lots of helping hands and lots to do we’ve been so lucky with our weather at the plot. With Barry’s help, Steve completed his fabulous water-butt project using pre-loved gutters and pipes from Amanda’s house - and there was weeding to do as the rain recently followed by sunshine has given things a new growth spurt! Joel did lots of jobs around the plot - he’s a great gardener who likes to work hard - he did lots of weeding and everything looked so much better for it. We also planted lettuce, and Amanda, Alex and Andrew did a great job seed saving from dried out bean pods and flowers. There was, of course, some pricking out and repotting to do - our green fingered bunch know exactly what to do! Molly enjoys being at the plot and is able to explore nature and enjoy the activities. Before lunch, Lisa led the group around harvesting - this week it was beetroot, herbs, and some gorgeous runner beans carefully picked by Paul. Lisa has taken extra pictures this week of some produce which has been harvested, and some still successfully growing. All of this food has been raised from seed and nurtured by our groups - we feel so proud of our achievements, we hope you like our photos!

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