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Dig-It Blog - Sunshine, hard work and cupcakes!

We had a wonderful day last Wednesday, lots of pricking out seedlings, weeding, planting out young vegetables and watering. The sun shone and everyone was so happy to see Penny and Osman arrive to spend some time with us.

This time of year is always so busy, and our green fingered teams from Mencap and Cafe Cornell have successfully nurtured so many vegetable seeds that it’s sometimes a struggle to find space to plant things!

We’re not just about vegetables at the plot - the pear tree circle is absolutely beautiful with blossom and bulbs. We are growing flowers from seed, including some which have edible petals.

We are currently harvesting pea shoots, herbs and spinach - well done to Imogen, Ryan and Miles for their careful work restoring the bed a few months ago which is now full of gorgeous greens.

Amanda and Wendy put together a container full of pea shoots to go to Cafe Cornell - straight from plot to plate!

Lunchtime today included cupcakes to celebrate Jacquie’s 60th (!!!!!) - thank you to Wendy and Julie, we all loved them.

We hope you enjoy our photos.

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