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Dig-It Blog - Wednesday 21st September 2022

There’s a chill in the air!- Dig It blog 21st September 2022

There were only two days of summer left when we met at Dig-It this week. Everyone had their jumpers, coats or fleeces on. We soon warmed up once we got to work!

Kendra came this week on Andy’s bus with Mathew, Claire, Alex, and Laura, joining Amanda, Julie, Marion, Steve, Wendy Jacquie and Bolette.

We did lots of weeding today, and also pricking out and potting on flowers and vegetables.

Time for a visit to all of the things we have right now - most of them planted as seeds by our group. We saw that the runner beans are now giving us lots of lovely long straight beans - the dwarf beans too, there is a huge patch of spinach which is beautiful and healthy, lettuce coming along well, tomatoes (only a few red ones) courgettes, chard cucumber and rocket. Herbs too and lots of flowers. The leeks and onions we planted a few weeks ago are doing well, and there are carrots, purple sprouting broccoli and bulb fennel promising some yummy winter food. We are all very proud of our achievements and we all learn together - we were even learning some sign language this week, Alex kindly helping us with some signs to help us all understand.

We did lots of weeding, rescued some chamomile plants and did some watering too. In one of the photos you’ll see how Steve’s ingenious watering can rack is being used by the group - keeping the plot tidy and no more searching for them!

All in all a other lovely day, the ARC were going to make chicken curry for ‘shop and cook club’, so Claire helped to pick lots and lots of Spinach, which is so lovely in a curry - we hope they enjoyed it! Matt took some Chard to put in his home made stir fry - so healthy- see if you can spot him giving a big ‘thumbs up’ in the photos. Our members work very hard, always willing to try new things, and they’re becoming great allotmenteers - we’re very proud of them all!

We hope you like our photos!

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