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Dig-It Blog - Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Welcome back to our blog and the new growing season everyone!

It was such a lovely surprise to welcome Amanda back to the plot today - she has a new electric wheelchair and was so happy to see how our newly laid pathway enabled her to get inside the summerhouse for the very first time.

Today Steve (summerhouse provider and path builder!) led a team making wooden signs for the raised beds. This meant cleaning, sanding and gluing the squares of wood to make them strong enough to withstand the worst of our weather. More work to be done on this before we see them

in action.

Bolette brought lots and lots of young plants with beautiful flowers called Bellis which her group planted around the plot and used the summerhouse for indoor work too - they look gorgeous in the tyres and pots.

Another group worked very hard with Marion preparing the polytunnel for the imminent arrival of vegetable seedlings - (we have already started some off). This meant emptying and sorting lots of pots, clearing and cleaning too. It was messy and needed lots of work and they did a great job!

Lastly, there was a rather sorry looking white currant bush to soak, prune, and plant. Archie and William worked with Julie and Jacquie deciding where and how to prune, where to plant and how big to dig the planting hole, it looked great in its new place.

Time really did fly and before long it was time to have a cuppa and a biscuit and a chance to chat. We hope you like our photos!

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