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Dig-It Club - Wednesday 9th March 2022

Busy busy busy!

Today’s team at Dig it were Alex, Amanda, Fran, Karl, Jacquie Laura, Scott and Steve - led by our lovely new session leader Bollette. Patrick D also popped in to see us.

Bollette had lots of jobs for us to choose from today, and had laid out a selection of tools and some weed buckets.

We started with the bed behind the tools, which Bollette wanted to restore to being a cold frame. Karl dug out some large rainbow chard using a fork, Bollette showed us how to wiggle the fork in the soil to protect the roots and how to pull them out. Scott and Laura pulled out the rest of the weeds and we turned and flattened the soil. Scott then helped to carry and place the glass panels - just look at the difference!

After this there was so much going on - more weeding by Karl, weeding and planting by Alex and Amanda at the table, and Laura helped to strip the old and nibbled leaves of the rainbow chard dug up by Karl. Laura enjoyed replanting these in the rhubarb patch and helping to water them in.

Meanwhile Steve was busy improving the plot for our group - sinking hollow pipes to fit the windbreak, such a clever idea and we needed it today! He’s also in the process of fitting a ramp up to the decking -

Here’s Amanda with the newly planted garlic:

This will go in the greenhouse until it has roots and leaves then we can plant it. We had our lunch break and a hot drink before doing some more jobs. Karl harvested lots of yummy lettuce leaves to take back to the Hub and before we knew it Andy was back to take the ARC gang home.

Here’s a picture of the lettuce- there was lots of it!

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