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Dig-It Lisa joins the Wednesday gang!

Today we welcomed Willow back to the plot, joined by Amanda and Joel, and at 10 o’clock Clare ‘Gary’ and Alex came on the ECL minibus with Justin & Sharon. See if you can spot Gary in the photo with Clare and Alex - a gift from ECL he’ll be guarding the plot for us!

Today the group met our new Wednesday club sessional worker - Lisa - who took everyone on a tour of the plot to see the changes since we were all together a few weeks ago. Things have grown so much! Lisa also showed us the onions, beetroot and broad beans which were ready to harvest and different seeds appearing which we hope to save and plant.

Amanda was able to join the plot tour for the first time as the pathways now allow her to get around a lot of the plot in her wheelchair, fantastic news!

We didn’t need to do any watering today as there’s been so much rain - sadly the weeds are enjoying the weather too, so Lisa had lots of jobs involving hand tools, weeds, and very big buckets!

We all had to rush inside when it started to rain heavily, it was nice having a cuppa and chatting for a while, until Amanda announced ‘suns out!’ and we got back to work.

Alex impressed us all with his knowledge - breaking up compost fit for seeds without being asked. He carefully planted up four trays of seeds (beetroot, coriander, watercress and lemongrass seeds all brought by ECL today - thank you! ) before we took them into our fabulous new greenhouse where he watered them in.

The rest of the team did some great work weeding and it was soon time to have our picnic. Clare is a fan of beetroot sandwiches so Lisa helped her to harvest a lovely beetroot and some lettuce. It was a lovely, busy day - we hope you enjoy our photos!

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