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Dig -It update: The new summerhouse is up!

Dig-It: The story of our new summerhouse -

Dig-it received a generous donation by Steve Lee to replace the well loved but way beyond repair old summerhouse on the plot.

A summerhouse is needed to shelter from the elements but also to enable us to continue our groups through the winter months!

Following meetings with Laura to plan and choose, and the green light from the council to go ahead with the project, the hard work began!

Steve cleared the area after the old summerhouse was removed - so much rubble! Then began the process of building the base. Thank you Steve for the blood sweat and tears involved and likely a few sleepless nights too - but it’s been so exciting for the rest of us to watch how the base build progressed and thanks go to others who helped along the way. The company who provided the summerhouse failed to build it as promised, but the Saffron Walden Community Shed came to the rescue and Steve was able see his dream come to fruition with a fabulous new building in memory of his Dad, Michael Karmann Lee.

Enjoy seeing the photos taken over several weeks. Firstly the old one!

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