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Mencap Dig-It Blog - 18th August 2021

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We had another lovely day today.

Aimee and Amanda, Steve and Jacquie met our leader Emma at 10 o’clock and as usual she had a list of things for us all to do to help to grow, harvest, and keep the plot looking good.

Aimee was keen to make some decorated stone plant labels - which was great because Amanda and Steve were just as keen to start planting seeds in our Mencap - Dig-it club raised planter. Aimee also organised lots of seed packets into piles and sorted them alphabetically too - very useful!

Patrick came too, helping Emma to prepare a large pot for growing mint - yum!

There were lots of chamomile flowers to harvest - we learned that just the flower heads are pulled off and then spread out to dry.

Once the seeds were chosen, planted and watered in it was time for lunch and harvesting a few things to take home. There are even more monster courgettes this week, but everyone has enough! A few big red tomatoes for Aimee , some little sweet orange cherry tomatoes for Amanda, and a few chard leaves for Jacquie.

We hope you like the photos - we ALL love Dig-it!

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