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Plot-to -Plate at Dig-it Club

What a busy week we’ve had on the allotment! At this time of year some of the focus is on improving the plot for spring, and doing structural jobs, but there is always more food to plant and harvest.

On Wednesday, we chopped and mixed in the green manure - Laura helped to collect a selection of flower heads to try out our new flower press (thanks Julie P!) and Claire helped to clear some lavender on the neighbouring plot. Her hard work paid off, as we were given 2 lavender plants which we hope to grow close to our lower seating area . Alex and Amanda planted more vegetable seeds and lots of pots of tulips and allium. There was much weeding (of course) and the greenhouse was completely emptied of the jungle of tomato plants which were either composted or tomatoes salvaged to be hung for ripening. Lots of chard, lettuce, and spinach went back to Café Cornell and the ARC to be cooked and enjoyed.

Today, there was a big job to do which needed a big team! Our wheelchair friendly large raised bed had started to fall apart, but in order to be fixed properly it had to be completely emptied. A fantastic amount of hard work went into this and the job was completed in time for tea break. The ‘drainpipe’ of peas was replanted into pots, then emptied and replanted with turnips. More weeding of beds and planting out of land cress before the day was rounded off with some ‘mystery tubers’ found in the soil from the raised bed being replanted in the wild area. As usual both days were fun, everyone worked very hard and went home smiling! We hope you like our photographs!

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